Book a FREE $100K Biz Clarity Coaching Session here - Coaching is a wealth sport..only high performing women that want to win at their own game. 


Hello there CEO! I'm Coach Jai...Master Business x Mindset Coach and Spiritual Advisor of Women who are leading the new era of change and global impact. I am the CEO of Elocin [El-oh-cyn] Consulting (est. 2020), a consultative coaching company focused on service, leadership development, and creative entrepreneurial transformation supporting women coaching professionals

If you are you struggling to identify the gaps that are preventing you from building a successful coaching business? Do you want to take your expertise to the next level and transition into coaching? Then you've come to the right place. 

It's time to STOP slowing down your own greatness. It's time to stop being late and not moving the needle in your business.

You are too smart and too intelligent to have a poor-running business. Coaches are light-workers during the time of chaos. It's time to go...! 

This is the age of The Matriarch - the age of transformation and individual contribution.

Available Resources

The Intensive

The 90 Minute high-level intensive for clients who need a straight speedshot with strategy and get absolute clarity to take action. For self-led service-providers that have reached a plateau, need a jolt or a review of current offers to shift or pivot quickly.

Free Challenge: Create your Irresistible Offer

The free challenge that teaches women solopreneurs, coaches and experts how to craft an offer that will sell at premium price. Learn how to attract clients you actually want to work with and nurture the ones that will come later.  All of this in 3 amazing days.

Book Your $100K Biz Clarity Coaching Session

The Free $100K Biz Clarity Coaching Sessions are back..! So if you are needing help you gain clarity and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back. Our coaching is tailored specifically to women who are coaches or are looking to transition into coaching. No obligation to invest or purchase any program and service...

The 6-Figure Emotional Toolkit

In this training, we discussed the importance of mindset and emotional regulation for women entrepreneurs. This training includes over 5 hours of video lessons, journal prompts and reflection questions.

Dare to Declare Masterclass

We are helping coaching professionals, experts, and creative professionals to declare and manifest their desired reality.  This is a 90 min masterclass session with dropped nuggets and wise words to increase your power and your decision-making in a world of systems and a dying patriarchy.  

The 90 Day Jumpstart Coaching Bundle

This bundle is packed with the same lessons I have used to jumpstart my first $18K week and $48K sales month...even now, in 2023 - I use these strategies and I encourage people to eliminate ALL excuses to go all in on their dream to build a profitable coaching practice. 

The Jolt: Free Newsletter for Women Coaches

Free Newsletter for Women Coaches that desire to impact the world with their gifts and grow their businesses unapologetically. Good coaches MATTER. 

My Resources Available Resources
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