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Build a Business that Supports Your Womanhood

Calling all Women Solopreneurs, Consultants, and Experts 

 I'm Jai (pronounced "Jay"), a multi-six figure Global Content Writer & Biz Strategist for Women Service-Providers at Elocin Consulting LLC. Serving the global market for over 3 years! Our simple, yet high ROI-value proposition: Master your messaging to write soulful content that attracts dream buyers and clients.


The Matriarch CEO Coaching Program (our signature coaching system) for women solopreneurs, coaches, experts, and consultants who desire to create or revise their scalable hybrid group coaching program with upgraded messaging to generate $20K+ in 4 months. Click here to apply and finally scale your business!

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How to Increase Your Capacity to Hold More Money & Clients

You are sporadically making sales, you're inconsistently closing clients, or you may be afraid of losing or mishandling large sums of money from your business. It's time to EXPAND. This training will improve the way you see yourself handling your inheritance.

Book a 1:1 Jolt Session with Me

If you've ever wanted to work with me and you've never worked with me before, start here. This is where you will receive insight, mindset shifting coaching and business strategy in one place. This offer does come with the recording of our conversation. 

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